Interrailing: the food

In planning to go travelling around Europe with two of my best friends one of the things I was most excited for was definitely the food. Luckily all three of us are pretty big foodies and willing to try different cuisines – I was pleased we managed to cover so many!

We didn’t eat out everyday as when we ate out we wanted to spend a little bit more on it – however, there were the occasional frequent splurges on ice creams! A special shout out goes to the daily salami rolls we ate in an attempt to save money, there is no photographic evidence as I NEVER want to see one again! So here is a random selection of some of the things we ate on our trip.


Tea breaks in Vienna: I actually had a slice of passionfruit torte but only ended up getting a picture of my friend’s chocolate sundae. This may be my sub-conscious telling me I should have opted for the chocolate…




A selection of Mexican food in Lake Bled (apart from the rogue mushroom soup I had due to a cold!)

2015-08-01 22.20.59

The yummiest cupcakes in Krakow, paired with a cup of tea and all three of us squished in a bed!

2015-08-12 18.28.35

Seafood pasta in Hvar – I think it tasted even better than it looked.




An overview of our final meal in Dubrovnik, and the last of the trip! We all had a oyster, which was a definite experience but I’m not sure the other girls liked them. (I have the best video of their reactions – lots of face wrinkling and unimpressed glances!)


This does not look like much, but it. was. incredible. It was from a Bosnian restaurant in Dubrovnik called Taj Mahal, which we honestly only ended up in as it was chucking it down with rain and we needed to find food fast. It ended up being one of my favourite meals of the trip – the above is the ‘half and half’, which is four cevapi and a shish kebab. If you’re ever in Dubrovnik it is definitely worth a go.


2015-07-27 13.25.02

Burgers and hot dogs didn’t make Berlin the healthiest stop of our trip, but they were seriously good.





This was an incredible meal we had in Prague, Old Town Square (complete with frozen raspberry Daiquiri’s, swoon). Artichoke and parma ham starter, followed by confit duck, gnocchi and cabbage. Before an over night train this was the dream comfort food!

2015-07-30 15.46.38

One of my favourite finds of the trip – Angelato in Prague. Gelato is ultimately ten times better than ice cream and this place was the bomb. I had chocolate and raspberry in a big waffle cone, which was absolutely perfect!

So, that’s just a quick round up of a small selection of what we ate around Europe – I hope you enjoyed!


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