The Abergavenny Food Festival

September is a great month. It holds new beginnings, clean slates, the start of cosier clothes and hot chocolate season. And, for me, the Abergavenny Food Festival.

Now, this is exactly my kind of festival. Over 200 stalls of burgers, brownies, jams, pizzas, pies, chocolate and the list goes on! With tasters galore this is a bit of a foodies heaven – side note: be careful of mixing tasters, goat sausage is bad enough on its own and mixing it with chocolate brownie makes it so much worse. I wanted to share my experience this year at the festival to give anyone who hasn’t been a taste (pun intended) of what to expect.


While most of the day is spent perusing stalls and snacking happily, lunch inevitably approaches and the task of the day begins – what to pick for lunch. I was lucky enough to go both Saturday and Sunday so I got to have two choices (I did say I was a fan…). However, you can always make like my brother and cram about three lunches into one! Anyway, on day one I caught sight of a stall that did pulled pork pretzel buns with apple slaw – sold.




Was it elegant to eat? Nope. Was the queue short? Nope. Was it worth it? Hell. Yes. I mean just look at it….drools. I am a massive burger fan, particularly a pulled pork one, so this was right up my street. On day two however we ventured into the fish section and I basically followed my nose to the stall below…


Garlic and lemon prawns, with noodles, spring onions, pomegranate seeds and parsley all combined right in front of your eyes. Definitely lighter than the burger, and the smell was honestly heavenly!


This is the market hall, and always one of my favourite places to go and see for the hanging displays. I have to say I preferred the decorations last year (they had the most adorable family of pigs – not as weird as it sounds), but still lots of fun!



This shot is for all the cheese lovers out there…


This bakery stand was at last years festival and I have been dreaming about their Creme Brûlée Brownie ever since! Trust me it is just as good as it sounds – so good in fact that there was no time to get a decent picture of it as I demolished it as I waddled home. No shame.




Over the two days we managed to pick up a number of different bits and pieces including some amazing chocolate bars (including salted caramel – enough said), steak and ale pies, salamis and way too much sourdough bread (no complaints here). On the Saturday I also got to see a demonstration by Theo Randall about his new cookbook My Simple Italian, which I shall definitely be purchasing asap! A very successful, and filling weekend.

I hugely recommend trying to get to the festival next year if you get the chance – any other recommendations would be hugely appreciated!

Hannah x


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